“During the period Bob Beale worked with the Denver Broncos we won two Super Bowls back to back.  We proved we were number one in football.  Bob provided extremely needed assistance by coaching us to become number one in our business and support operations.”

- Pat Bowlen, Denver Broncos Football Club

Business Advisory Skills Seminar
Putting The Pieces Together to Become a Successful Business Advisor

Beale International's Business Advisory Skills Seminar gives CPAs the tools needed to become skilled, confident business advisors.  Participants learn how to help client companies meet the ongoing goals of increasing their potential to survive, grow and be more consistently profitable.

The Need

Regardless of whether the economy is expanding or contracting, business owners need competent business advisors to help stabilize, grow and mature their companies.  Progressive CPA firms are committed to coaching and facilitating clients to increase business performance as well as insuring that compliance requirements are fulfilled. Today, the need for formal and informal business advisory services is substantially increased due to:

  • Increasingly rapid changes and evolutions in technology.
  • More restrictive lending practices.
  • Requirements to reduce selling prices and operating costs.
  • Wide market fluctuations.
  • Need for employees with stronger technical and management skills.

Client requirements for support to facilitate change has never been greater than it is in today's economy. Clients must make informed decisions and solve day-to-day problems in the areas of people staffing and development, systems enhancement for quality and efficiency, product/services strategy, and financial planning and control.

To be capable business advisors, technical knowledge and training as a CPA must be augmented with information regarding critical business success requirements for small and midsized businesses. Along with this, communication, client business relationship building, and change facilitation skills must be developed.

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