Bob’s assistance in sorting out challenging senior management organization and staffing requirements was invaluable.  He helped me gain a better understanding of my role as CEO. Working with Bob was stimulating, enjoyable and very helpful to me and to the company.”

- Mo Siegel, Celestial Seasonings

Beale International Consulting Services

Beale International is a Management Consulting firm serving small mid-sized businesses across the United States. Many client companies operate in multiple locations – some in foreign countries.

Our purpose is to facilitate transition to the company's next level of performance. Client companies are often at a strategic and/or organizational crossroads due to growth, market changes, personnel issues, and system issues. We facilitate transition from an entrepreneurial culture to a professional leadership/management culture.

Consulting services provided by Beale International are as follows:

Diagnosis of Constraints Blocking Transitions to the Next Level

  • Staffing
  • Systems
  • Product/Services
  • Finance

Strategic Planning

  • Redirecting and focusing talents and energies
  • Releasing inappropriate products, services or markets
  • Aligning company strategy with owner objectives
  • Designing action projects for change implementation

Organizations Planning and Design

  • Developing an organizational structure supporting the company in achieving its immediate and longer term goals
  • Creating senior and middle management teams appropriate for the company's size, market, strategy, and industry
  • Assessing skills and abilities of all key management and technical people
  • Building a productive board of directors when appropriate

Recruiting Support

  • Helping source qualified, loyal people for senior and middle management positions who are compatible with the company's culture, size, and strategy
  • Helping companies avoid the trap of hiring people who better fit much bigger companies

Coaching Support

  • Giving directional, confidential support to help executives and managers succeed in their current role and/or prepare for their next level of responsibility
  • Coach key people to see themselves more accurately and thus help them select responsibilities right for them
  • Integrate new management level hires
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