“During the period Bob Beale worked with the Denver Broncos we won two Super Bowls back to back.  We proved we were number one in football.  Bob provided extremely needed assistance by coaching us to become number one in our business and support operations.”

- Pat Bowlen, Denver Broncos Football Club

Beale International Consulting Services

Beale International is a Management Consulting firm serving small mid-sized businesses across the United States. Many client companies operate in multiple locations – some in foreign countries.

Our purpose is to facilitate transition to the company's next level of performance. Client companies are often at a strategic and/or organizational crossroads due to growth, market changes, personnel issues, and system issues. We facilitate transition from an entrepreneurial culture to a professional leadership/management culture.

Consulting services provided by Beale International are as follows:

Diagnosis of Constraints Blocking Transitions to the Next Level

  • Staffing
  • Systems
  • Product/Services
  • Finance

Strategic Planning

  • Redirecting and focusing talents and energies
  • Releasing inappropriate products, services or markets
  • Aligning company strategy with owner objectives
  • Designing action projects for change implementation

Organizations Planning and Design

  • Developing an organizational structure supporting the company in achieving its immediate and longer term goals
  • Creating senior and middle management teams appropriate for the company's size, market, strategy, and industry
  • Assessing skills and abilities of all key management and technical people
  • Building a productive board of directors when appropriate

Recruiting Support

  • Helping source qualified, loyal people for senior and middle management positions who are compatible with the company's culture, size, and strategy
  • Helping companies avoid the trap of hiring people who better fit much bigger companies

Coaching Support

  • Giving directional, confidential support to help executives and managers succeed in their current role and/or prepare for their next level of responsibility
  • Coach key people to see themselves more accurately and thus help them select responsibilities right for them
  • Integrate new management level hires
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