“During the period Bob Beale worked with the Denver Broncos we won two Super Bowls back to back.  We proved we were number one in football.  Bob provided extremely needed assistance by coaching us to become number one in our business and support operations.”

- Pat Bowlen, Denver Broncos Football Club

Business Advisory Skills Seminar
Putting The Pieces Together to Become a Successful Business Advisor

Beale International's Business Advisory Skills Seminar gives CPAs the tools needed to become skilled, confident business advisors. Participants learn how to help client companies meet the ongoing goals of increasing their potential to survive, grow and be more consistently profitable.

The Program

Participants become well-rounded business people and capable business advisors and confidants by:

  • Learning the unique specifics of how small and midsized businesses work to include key elements critical to success and why a number are often missed by CPA advisors and clients.
  • Becoming skilled at diagnosing what is working and what is not working in key critical business focus areas: Organization and People, Systems and Information, Markets, Products/Services, and Money and Finance. Participants learn to diagnose emotionally charged issues as well as technical business issues and how to effectively advise the client regarding them.
  • Developing interactive communication skills necessary to get the client's attention and learning unique, effective techniques for motivating the client to implement needed, and often essential change.
  • Learning to use Evolution of a Business, a dynamic, proven business model for small and midsized business developed over a 20 year period by Bob Beale, the seminar developer and instructor.
  • Understanding the technical and general business advisory services clients often need and methods for marketing and selling them regardless of who in the CPA firm is to perform them. All CPAs can learn to identify client advisory services needs.
  • Using financial and non-financial performance data in decision making, problem solving, and planning.
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