“When I first approached Bob for help, our gross revenue was less than ten million annually; very soon we anticipate the milestone of grossing one hundred million annually. His help in transiting through the various stages and challenges of such growth has been priceless.”

- Alan Grindstaff, MasterCorp

What We Know About Entrepreneurs

You are understandably proud of your accomplishments. You ignored those who didn't catch your vision, who were negative. You put in long hours. You sacrificed massive amounts of time to shape and grow your enterprise. You pushed and went without sleep. You worked with people that you didn't necessarily like to keep moving your business forward. You borrowed money and paid it back. You hired and fired. You moved to a larger space. You promoted. You had doubts. You never gave up.

Now you have an established business. It's profitable and solid although the margins may be shrinking and/or revenue growth may be slowing because of increasing costs and inefficiencies. You're spending more time in the business and less time with your family. You're managing more and more people. You are spending less time doing the things you love in your business. You don't have time to think: you want to return to the days of larger margins and fewer headaches. You feel stuck.

You have a couple of loyal managers who have been with you from start-up, but they're having trouble keeping up. Quality and efficiency are slipping. Lately you've had the thought that a consultant could act as a catalyst to assist you in reaching the next level. You push the thought away. You realize that your business is in a new place. You want to go the distance. You need to focus to reach your goals. Maybe it would be helpful to get guidance that produces results from someone with experience and expertise in working with your type of company. Someone who will partner with you and work with you to reach the next level. It has to be the right fit, though. Not some huge consulting company. Not consultants who just produce reports, but those who produce change.

The journey to your goal had better be encouraging, compelling, and inspiring. You've already proven that business can be exciting: the consulting firm should think and act likewise. You're willing to take measured risks to increase your business's value. Maybe you should consider an initial meeting at no cost.

What if you could have a financially stable, professionally managed business, have more time for your priorities and make your business fun again?

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